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Why should you be interested in Big Data? Why should you be interested in Big Data Analytics : The recent advancements in technology has blessed us with amazing ways to collect and store data, which wouldn’t be of imagination a few years back. These technologies have produced scientifically tested softwares and devices which are either ready or have already been pushed into the battlefield of big data. Some of the well known softwares / tools we know of are Hadoop, MapReduce, Docker and many more.

Why should you be interested in Big Data?

Big Data Analytics
The developers of these tools / softwares have envisaged an unscalable growth in the industry of big data. A research done by NASSCOM and CRISIL Global Research & Analytics have predicted that the growth of Big Data Industry will reach $25 Billion by 2015, up from $5.3 Billion in 2011. By the end of 2015, Indian Big Data industry will cross the mark of $1 Billion. I am sure, these gigantic stats must have given you a shock as to the unprecedented growth potential this industry offers.
Candidates who have just completed their graduation or are planning to make a career shift to other industry should seriously consider building their future in this industry. As it seems a promising industry and considering the fact that data will keep on driving business in coming years, rather it should be said, companies will rely more on data for which they would require expert professionals who know how to deal with data proactively. Infact, candidates looking forward to enter big data can also consider cloud computing as a lucrative option.
Big Data has some limitations. It can’t be used on any and every machines. The machines used to handle big data have very high specifications. Because of which companies are coerced to heavily invest in big data infrastructures. Here, cloud computing as acts the savior. It allows companies to work on big data without even investing in machine set up.  Cloud Computing offers an infrastructure where data can be accessed and computed on the cloud, thereby reducing the hassles associated with download and store.
Moreover, a leading analytics research agency in US has forecasted a shortage of 140000-190000 analytics professionals by 2018, which clearly opens up new opportunities for India. As we talk of Big Data, a market that is anticipated to grow parallel is the market of Internet of Things. Incase you don’t know about ‘Internet of Things’, here’s a simple explanation.
Internet of Things (IoT) refers to bringing technology into our day to day use to an extent where small little things in our daily lives are being driven by technology. Internet of things will be mainly steered by advancements in neural networks, sensory networks, machine learning and by installing sensors in every possible device / instrument which comes in our daily use such as refrigerator, car, grinding machine, pen and any other thing which you can think of ! Sound interesting. Right ? Infact, I was terrified when I came to know about IoT as I never imagined that automation can be scaled upto this extent.
Companies have enthusiastically embraced the concept of big data and brought into use for the improvement of their internal / external company process. This process includes product design and development, after sales service, marketing, branding and other product related process. Reason being, the availability of big data allows companies to decipher the hidden pattern, needs and requirements of customers and accordingly building and marketing their products.
The modes of collecting the data have increased over time. Every sms, every medicine bill, every recharge, airline ticket and every other activity we do during the day which gets tracked, gives birth to data which when used can carve out important insights useful for brand building. Such is the essence and impact of Big Data which is currently being leveraged by telecom, healthcare, technology, logistics etc.  

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