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Top 10 Big Data / Hadoop Training Courses in Chennai

With the rise in demand of big data professionals, the training courses for big data & Training Courses for hadoop are quickly getting introduced across India. Metropolitan cities in India are amongst the early adopters of these training courses. Cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune already have established training centers which provides online and offline training on big data / hadoop.

Big Data / Hadoop Training in Chennai

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In this article, I have list down all the Big Data and Hadoop training courses in Chennai. These trainings are available in both online / classroom modes. With each course, I have presented a summary which shall help you in providing the overview of each course.

Top 10 Big Data Training Courses in Chennai

This is a instructor led course provided by GreyCampus. This course is best suited for System Administrators, DBA’s, Linux admins and software engineers who have worked with hadoop cluster by managing and maintaining them. This course intends to produce successful Hadoop administrators. The curriculum of this course includes covering Hadoop architecture and its components, managing, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting hadoop clusters. This course would not only include acquiring classroom knowledge, but also will provide hands on experience using assignments, quizzes, live projects.

2. Hadoop Training in Chennai

This course is being run by FITA. They claim to provide ‘best hadoop training in chennai’. They also claim to transform you in a hadoop expert in less than 60 days. The benefits associated with these course includes learning from real time passionate hadoop experts, live projects, placement facility, attention to individual student, case studies and many more. Their course curriculum includes java fundamentals, in detail chapters on Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hive, Pig, Hbase, Sqoop, Zookeeper, Oozie. The batches of these trainings are available at weekends, weekdays and fastrack.

This course covers beginner to advanced level of data analytics concepts. The syllabus consists of covering rudimentary big data knowledge, followed by data analytics lifecycle, data analytics methods in R, Introduction to Hadoop and Mapreduce,  Machine Learning – Theory & Methods. This course is suitable for students which are interested to pursue career in data science along with knowledge of basic big data. The duration of this class is 35-40 Hours. The training methodology includes 30% theory and 70% practical. The classes are available not only on weekdays but weekends as well.
This course is being taught by experience working professionals. This course is meant to cover the concepts being brought to use by a project manager. This course not only offers a training methodology of 40% theory and 60% practical but also ensures a complete knowledge of big data concepts. Its syllabus includes Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Advanced MapReduce, Administration, HBase, Hive, PigLatin, Hqoop, Flume, Oozie, Ambari.
The course duration is 30 hours and the classes are available on weekdays and weekends.
This is a comprehensive course on Hadoop. It is available in 3 course levels: Big Data Hadoop Admin, Big Data Hadoop Developer, Big Data Analytics / Data Scientist. This course require the candidate to have pre requisite knowledge of Java. The syllabus includes mastering mapreduce, hdfs, pig, hive, linux essentials, understanding hadoop framework and many more. This course it suited for JAVA Professionals, Analytics Professionals, ETL
Professionals, Data warehousing Professionals, Testing Professionals, Project Managers who are willing to make
a career shift.
This course is provided by Simplilearn. It is an online course which can be accessed from anywhere. Yet, you can register for online classroom batches and proceed accordingly. The key features of this course includes 32 hours of instructor led training, 25 hours of high quality e-learning content, 13 chapter end quizzes, 60hours of real time industry based projects, Java Essentials, 5 Projects, 11 unique datasets, 2 Big Data and Hadoop Simulation Exams,  free certified course on data scientist with R programming.
This course is also provided by Simplilearn. It is taught via online classroom only on weekends. This course provides all the knowledge / training required to become Big Data and Hadoop Administrator. The course begins with big data and hadoop, planning hadoop cluster, hadoop installation, advanced cluster configuration, mapreduce,  yarn, hadoop components, hadoop administration and hadoop ecosystem components. Candidates need to clear an online examination with minimum 80% passing marks.
This course is provided by Razon Technologies. This is helpful to become Hadoop Developer  + Admin Training. The course content includes chapters on Hadoop architecture, Mapreduce architecture, Hadoop Developer tasks, HBase architechture, Hive Architechture, Pig Architechture, Sqoop Architechture. The course fees is Rs. 15,000/-
By the end of this course, the candidate is expected to acquire the knowledge to work with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), able to write MapReduce programs and implementing HBase and will be able to write Hive and Pig Scripts.
This course is provided by Big Data Academy. The course contents include learning about Big Data & Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce Anatomy, Developing Mapreduce program, Hive, Pig, Mahout and suitable business case studies. After the completion of this course, students are expected to successfully characterize the phenomenon of big data and big data analytics, analyze and apply different concepts, methods, tools for analyzing big data and many more skills.
This course is provided by Spectramind Technologies. By the end of this course, the candidate is expected to have sufficient knowledge of successful Hadoop developer. The course contents are enriching to an extent that they cover topics such as setting up hadoop cluster, HBase, MapReduce Integration, Apache Oozie, Performing data analytics using Pig and Hive and many more topics to cover. Software Professionals, Analytics Professionals, ETL developers, Project Managers, Testing Professionals are expected to reap highest benefit from this course.

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