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Importance of Learning “R” for Data Science

Why to Learn R
Written by Ayush

buy yellow phentermine 30mg Why you Should learn R : Those who start Data Science they face some initial problems like which Programming Language they should start with and which language will give them the best return of their investment of time and money. There are so many programming languages that you can choose but the question arises which one is the best for you? Every single programming language has it’s own benefits and there are too many options for us that make us confused. People uses Python, R, D3, SAS and the list goes on and on. There is a wide range of these languages. You can choose any of these but believe me some of them are auxiliary tools that you might use only few times in a year. This thought makes us frustrated that what will happen if we give our time and money for learning a language that are not going to help us in a long run. These doubts come in everyone’s mind and then we start looking for some help and that’s why today you are here. Don’t worry we will give you the best suggestion that is advised by many top level experts of this field.

Importance of Learning “R” for Data Science

Why to Learn R

Why to Learn R So you should start with the Programming Language “R”. R language has it’s own benefits and it is the most loved and the most popular language in the programming field. You can see why R is the best programming language for you. Here are some benefits and the reasons that support our advice : 1. Most Popular and Widely Used Language :

buying phentermine in mexico According to so many surveys it is found that R is the most used and most popular programming language. It is widely used language. According to a survey conducted by O’Reilly Media in 2014 it is found that most of the data scientist all across the world are using R language and they also found that it is the most used programming language by data scientists. R is becoming lingua franca of data science. R is widely used because it is simple to use in data analysis and statistical computing. This language was developed in early 90s and since then it is becoming more and more famous. Endless efforts have been made to improve R’s user interface. R is becoming more and more powerful with the time and the reason is inclusion of powerful packages in it.

buy phentermine uk price 2. can you buy phentermine 37.5 mg online Powerful Companies are using R : Most powerful companies across the world are using R. You might be thinking about the name of these powerful companies but hang on you don’t need to think about the name of these powerful and famous companies we are going to tell you the names and which are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Bank of America, Ford, Uber, TechCrunch, and Trulia etc. You must be aware with these names or the companies. The first three are the Giant Tech. Companies. Facebook and Google these are the two companies which plays an important role in the modern economy.

buy phentermine in australia 3. No Need to Pay any Subscription Charges
As you might be aware that it is an open source and that’s why you need not to pay any subscription charges. It is an open source because it is supported by the community developing it. There are many programming languages which are expensive and charge you for the subscription but you need not to pay any single penny for the subscription. That is the another reason of it’s popularity. People can use it without paying money as they do for another projects.

4. Easiness of Coding
There is a wide range of Statistical and Graphical Techniques in the Language R. It is an extensible language with the help of extensions and functions. R community is famous for it’s large and active contribution in terms of packages. There are many Standard functions which are written in R language itself which makes it more easy for the user to use. The style of the coding in R language is quite easy. Once you use it you will find how easy the coding is in R. You have to focus on three parts in data science :- 1. Data Manipulation, 2. Data Visualization, 3. Machine Learning. These are the 3 core skill areas in which you have to focus.

buy phentermine hcl 37.5mg 5. Data Manipulation is too Easy
If you work in data science then you can understand that most part done in data science is Data Manipulation. A data scientist spend significant amount of time to manipulate the data, in others words we can say that the most important part in data science is to putting the data into the shape you want. You can do it easily with the help of package in R and that package is called Dplyr Package. R has the best data management tools which you will find.

buy cheap phentermine online These are some benefits of using R programming language. But we must say that these are not the only benefits and the importance of using R, there are many more. However it’s not the only programming language that you should learn because there is no perfect tool for every type of problem. You will want to learn some more languages after R but it is the best programming language to start with. After learning R you can go with some other languages like Python and D3.

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