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Online Competition on Big Data in June 2016

Written by Ayush

very helpful Just like previous month, we’re here to provide you the list of Big Data online competition that are going on or will be organized in the month of June 2016. If you’re looking to enhance or test you data skills or compete with other data lovers then make sure to participate in these online competitions. Many big brands organize various big data, data science, Hadoop, and machine learning competitions every month to give one platform to all the data lovers across the country to come across & compete with each other. To climb the ladder of success, it’s crucial to be around the competitive people as this will motivate you to grow or improve yourself with each passing day. In today’s In today’s world where everything is evolving so fast, and new technologies are coming more frequently than it used to be, it becomes crucial for people to keep themselves updated in order to survive. These competitions will not only let you compete with other data lovers but also enhance your learning skills plus you’ll come across various new things that you may not have studied before. The only way you can grow is to become the better version of yourself, so it’s necessary to take part in competitions to boost your skills.

Big Data Online Competition in June 2016

carisoprodol schedule 4 There are many brands such as analytics Vidhya,, etc which organize various online data science, machine learning, and big data online competition every month to bring all the data lovers on one platform & make them compete with each other. The details of upcoming online competitions that are going to be organized in the month of June 2016 are shared here along with the participation link.

sources Bonus deals List of Online Competitions:

q es el carisoprodol From below you can check out the important details such as competition date, duration, timing, mode, and prize money. The participation link is also available here.

additional info Analytics Vidhya Big Data Online Competitions

methods Analytics Vidhya has one upcoming and three ongoing online big data competitions that you can participate in. Details along with the participation link are shared below.

carisoprodol sleep dosage Details 1. Experiments With Data

Assistance Experiments with data is an analytics workshop for beginners by Participate if you’re looking to enhance your data skill and learning. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information in the emerging field of analytics and Big Data. Check the details from below,

valium long term memory loss There is no prize money, but the participants will surely add something to their knowledge and learning. Post Participation Link: webpage Click Here

source link Buy Soma Online Mexico 2. Practice Problem : Strategic Thinking II

enter site Here is an online big data competition for those who are looking to upskill their learning.  Participate in order to have a great learning & competitive experience. There are MCQ types questions in the challenge. Check the details of the competition from below,

is carisoprodol a muscle relaxer diazepam valium for sale Participation Link: this website Click Here

get link very helpful 3. Practice Problem: Big Mart Sales III

soma and alcohol side effects The competitions is curretny going on and will continue till 31st July 2016. Participate to compete with the data lovers across the country. The aim of this hackathon is to provide an online platform to data lovers to showcase their skills and compete with their peers. The details are shared below. Participation Link: i need to buy phentermine Click Here 4. Practice Problem: Loan Prediction III

Participate in this competition which is currently going on to learn various aspects of big data and gained exposure to the real life problems. The competition will continue till 31st July 2016, use the participation link to apply. Check the details of the competition from below,

Click Here Participation Link: Record Click Here

Soma Prescription Pills (Source:

Kaggle Ongoing Online Big Data Competitions

Many competitions are currently going on, 1. Titanic Machine Learning from Disaster

The competition is currently going on Kaggle and will contiue till 31st December 2016. The link to participate is shared below. Here in this challenge the task is to predict the survival on the titanic using excel, python, R & random forests. Predict which passengers survived the tragedy by using your skills. For more information: Visit Here

valium how long does it stay in system 2. Digit Recognizer

The competition is currently going on Kaggle and will contiue till 31st December 2016. The link to participate is shared below. In this challenge, you need to classify handwritten digits using the famous MNIST data. The details are shared below.

Home Page For more information: Visit Here


These are the various ongoing & upcoming online competition in the big data, data science, and machine learning’s field. Participate in them by clicking on the link shared above. All the new competitions will be added here time to time to keep you all updated. Check out our other articles as well for more information on data science such as training institutes, courses, online competitions etc.

If you’ve any query or suggestion to make then use the comment box provided below. Your feedback is always welcome. We would love to assist you.

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