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Best}** Top Data Science Training Courses in Chennai Top Data Science Training Courses in Chennai : The rising demand of data science professionals across India has introduced substantial numbers of data science training centers in India. These training centers provide data science courses in dual fashion i.e. online & offline.
Not only freshers, but experienced IT professionals, software engineers are diligently making a career shift in data science & analytics. And, why shouldn’t they? After all, this is amongst the highly paying jobs in tech industry right now. Data Science is not only about gaining theoretical knowledge of concepts & algorithms, but it is more of a practice driven subject i.e. the more you practice, the better you will be in knowing things in depth.
These training programs consist of rigorous curriculum which ensures that participants get a comprehensive overview of various underlying data science algorithms & related concepts.
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 Top Data Science Training Courses in Chennai

 In this article, I have listed down the major data science training centers in Chennai, TamilNadu. These training institutes offer both (online / offline) mode of undertaking the course. Apart from the regular course offering, they have some additional features which I have enlisted below:
This course is provided by Besant Technologies. The duration of this course is 5-6 weeks. The course is arranged on batches availability and might not be readily available in all month. Hence, you might need to check their website for current course schedule. The course has been comprehensively designed ensuring that it covers every little aspect of SAS.  Broadly, this course incorporates topics such as Base SAS, Base SAS Procedures, SAS/SQL, SAS Macros, SAS ODS, SAS graph, stat, graph to name a few.

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This course is provided by Edupristine. This complete course is divided into 5 modules which ensures that everything is covered right from scratch. This training is classroom based when projects are also given to students to help them learn by discovering new things in data projects. This course is best suited for candidates having bachelor degree in computer science, engineering, knows about basic statistics, experienced in core java and unix. The 5 modules of this course are: Business Analytics, case study, Data Visualization, Big Data and Hadoop. The key features of this training includes exam preparation session, assignment cases, 24* 7 access to material, discussion forum to name a few. The cost of this training is Rs. 75000/-
This course is provided by Greens Technology. This training has been bifurcated into sub-training modules which includes base & advanced SAS, clinial SAS, SAS Business Intelligence, Predictive Analystics. Here you can also avail training for Python, R Programming. The key benefits of this course includes guidance from real time trainers, 100% placement, practical guidance, excellent lab facility, SAS Resume Preparation, Hands on Experience, SAS Certification support.
This course is provided by Edupristine. The duration of this course is 10 days. This training course covers the basic algorithms of business analytics including linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, clustering, time series modeling, market basket analysis.This is a beginner level course, hence any one interested to switch into business analytics, can consider this course as the first step. There is no requirement of prior knowledge / experience to undertake this course.

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